Sebenarnya saya sudah lama mereview film yang dinobatkan sebagai BEST OUTSTANDING TAIWANESE MOVIE pada ajang 44th GOLDEN HORSE AWARDS ini but somehow, mungkin karena pindahan rumah (sebelumnya di sniper on the roof blog) it just NOT here in this blog.

Well okay, I don’t mind sharing my view again with you readers🙂 hehehe yup, here it is one of My fave movie, SECRET. . .



Ye Xianglun (Jay Chou), a music student majoring in piano, transfers to Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School. It is a school famous for musically talented students, especially in piano. On the first day of school, as he wanders throughthe piano building, he hears a mysterious melody being played that leads him to Lu Xiaoyu (Kwai Lun-mei), another piano major. When he asks her about the song she was playing, she tells him that it is a secret that cannot be told. The two develop a relationship that is clouded in mystery. When Xianglun tells Xiaoyu about the demolition of the piano building on graduation day, she teaches him the mysterious song.

However, when a mis-passed note leads to Xianglun accidentally kissing another student Qing Yi (Alice Tzeng), Xiaoyu disappears for five months, only to return on graduation day and mysteriously disappear again. Xianglun asks around and discovers from Xiaoyu’s mother and his father (Anthony Wong Chau-sang) that Xiaoyu was actually a student from the class of 1979, who graduated 20 years ago. His father tells him she claimed she traveled forward in time to the present with the help of a piano piece called “Secret” that she played on an old piano in the piano building. She had fallen in love with Xianglun, but the only barrier is that, in the present, the first person she sees on each trip is the only person that can see her. When Xiaoyu saw Qing Yi kiss Xianglun, she returned to her normal time. During her absence at home, her story spread and everyone believed that she was mentally ill. Remembering that the piano room would be destroyed on graduation day of 1999, she tried time traveling to see Xianglun one last time, but she spotted Xianglun wearing Qing Yi’s bracelet. Believing that Xianglun now belonged to Qing Yi, Xiaoyu returns to her own time with a heavy heart. Due to an asthma attack, while writing on her desk trying to leave a message to the boy she loves, Xiaoyu dies. Xianglun sees the writing on the desk and desperately tries to write back using white out but when he gets no response he rushes to Xiaoyu’s house only to find her room empty. Xiaoyu’s mother finally recognises Xianglun as the boy her daughter had drawn a picture of twenty years before and Xianglun learns the truth about her time travels.

After finally learning of Xiaoyu’s story, Xianglun realizes that the piece that she taught him was “Secret”, which had the power to take the pianist forward or backward in time depending on the tempo at which it is played. He rushes off to the piano room, which is about to be torn down. Xianglun’s father retrieves the manuscript of the musical piece that Xiaoyu had given to him for safekeeping, then realises that Xiaoyu had written a secret message for Xianglun. Meanwhile, Xianglun enters the piano building and as the demolition begins, Xianglun starts to play “Secret” from memory, recalling something Xiaoyu told him while teaching him the piece: “I always play it that fast when I go back”. Just before the piano room is completely destroyed, Xianglun travels back to 1979. He sees Xiaoyu, and she sees him and smiles, but doesn’t seem to know him. The last scene is when the 1979 Tamkang (Danjiang) Secondary School graduation picture is taken, in which Xianglun and Xiaoyu are present. As the old piano and the piano building have been destroyed, Xianglun stays forever in the past with Xiaoyu. (WIKIPEDIA)


Jay Chou, PERFECT!!

Jay Chou dikabarkan menyutradarai film produksi tahun 2007 ini yang kemudian ia bantah, namun pengaruh Jay Chou yang begitu kuat di film ini membuat media massa yakin kalau sebenarnya Jay Choulah orang dibalik layar yang mengarahkan every details of SECRET. . .

Well seperti judul film ini, guess it will be a secret. . .

Kwai Lun Mei yang menjadi The Leading Actress is so adorable, definitely as she turned out at the first scene you will gained symphaty for her.



Cerita memang agak sedikit lambat di awal, scene permainan kucing kucingan itu membingungkan a little bit but I love cerita yang menyuruh penontonnya berpikir😉

Ada juga beberapa karakter yang tidak mengalami perkembangan, misal karakter Qing Yi yang juga menaruh hati pada Xiao Lun, kalau diasah lebih baik pasti kan menghasilkan kisah cinta segitiga yang oke punya.

Akting: lumayan. . .


Scores: Dinominasikan Awards sebagai BEST SCORES


Visual Effects: Gila KEREN BANGET, apalagi ketika Xiao Lun sedang memainkan komposisi SECRET untuk travel to the past, di dentingan terakhir, sebuah Bola Besar menghantamnya!! A DESTROYED BUILDING!! SUPERB!!


Film ini disebut sebut sebagai sebuah TRIBUTE Jay Chou kepada his fave composer, CHOPIN!! Jay Chou memang fasih bermain piano bahkan mengkomposisi sendiri musiknya. You will find Jay Chou played Chopin’s Composition in this movie, he even played it (piano) with only one hand!!!

Man behind piano?! Truly Romantic ne??? Hehehe

Selain itu diberitakan juga kalau film ini sebagai a TRIBUTE to his first love at school yang katanya tidaklah seromantis film ini.

Hanya ada satu kata untuk film ini: WAJIB TONTON!!

8 Tanggapan

  1. Siapa? SIapa Jay chou’s first love? Huhuu😥
    Jay Chou… you belong to meee…. :p
    Suka bgt sama Jay Chou krn emg dia pinter main musik. Aaargh, pengen nyari semua albumnya. uhuy..
    I gotta find this movie and watch it. Pengen denger suaranya pas nyanyi.
    Kyaaaaa, Jay Chou…..❤

    • Jejeje bener bener lg kena demamnya Jay Chou neh tambah jauh tuh Tatsu kun. . .Kemaren digeser Tackey skrg digeser Jay Chou heheh😛

      Dijamin dah udah nntn film ini demamnya makin tinggi. . .Permainan pianonya JC oke banget🙂

  2. Oh tatsuya fujiwara, please forgive meeee…
    It’s just flirting kok Tatsuya.
    U’re still my number one husband. hehehe :p

    Aaaargh, pengen liat cowok di dunia nyata maen piano… Ganteng bgt dah pasti

    • Hehehe

      dulu waktu saya kul di Jogja, kalo mau ke kelas, mesti lewat kelas jurusan seni musik, pas pertama ga “ngeh” kenapa banyak cewek ngintip di jendela kelas itu, eh ga taunya ternyta ad cowok lg maen piano di situ, dia ga ganteng sih tapi surely Man behind piano jadi terlihat Kereeeen, sayangnya tuh cowok ga tiap pagi maen pianonya and fansnya suka bertanya tanya kira2 pagi ini ada ga ya? Jejejeje

  3. Kyaaa… Kyaaa… Jay Chouuuuuu…… *histeris
    When I was watching this movie, I tried to find my most favorite scene…
    But then I realized… ALL SCENES ARE MY FAVORITE….
    I really looove this movie.
    I Love when He chalenge the piano princess to go on piano duel.
    I like when he played old piano with just one hand and with his back face the piano.
    I love when they ride bike together
    I love when his father realized that his son was the boy whom Xiao Yu told him.
    I love when Jay Chou played piano during the demolishing of old building…
    I love them all….
    I love Jay Chou… :*
    Jay Chou really did a wonderful job, as an actor and also as a director.
    Love you Jay Chou :*
    I wish I could have a man who can play piano for me :*

    • Hehehehe kurang panjang hotaru chan
      But youre right, i agree with everythin u said😉

      JC is so loveable here

  4. *I mean piano prince. hehe

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