About Us

Hi….Welcome to boutasia (Cinema Review + Entertainment News) 🙂

This New blog is actually came from www.asapenembakjitu.blogspot.com (SNIPER ON THE ROOF) that existed since 2008,  the blog has 27 Followers via Networked Blogs and 37 Followers via Google Friend Connect also has been viewed 84,909 times from the readers around the world.

We intend to delete the SNIPER ON THE ROOF blog since there were many complains from the readers concern to the blog that so heavy to open, that’s why we established boutasia.

To support us, please share comments, like our page in facebook (EAST MEETS WEST), follow us via Networked Blogs or follow our twitter and Subscribe our Newsletter to get boutasia latest reviews and news.

Moreover, we really hope that you enjoy your stay here and can visit us back 🙂

Thankyou, Domo Arigatou, Gomapshimida, Śukriyā, khob-kun-Ka and Terimakasih.

PS: The Japan’s Cinema Review, Entertainment News, Education (scholarship), Culture, Customs, Travel, J Music and all unique things about Japan…please visit www.boutjapan.wordpress.com 🙂

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  1. oh pindah blog ya?

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